Do your work! All the blog postings, they do seem like a drag but them help so much when it comes time to do the projects. Read all the things that have been put up for homework to read or watch. Again, this will help come project time. Plan out what you are going to do before you do it. Make a road map. Then research. Try and so something everyday, it doesn’t have to be much just something so it does not pile up at the end right before the project is due. It will keep your stress down. If you do a little bit a day you wont have alot to do near the end. It will just be tying up loose ends. Research! Do tons of it. You learn alot and it will make your projects more interesting to you and it will make it easier to write. This is not a hard class as long as you keep up with the work. Grades wont be freely given. If you put in time and effort it will pay off. 


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Good Enough (Instrumental) by Evanescence


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Youngest Mother Ever.

A 10 yr-old Colombian girl deemed the youngest mother ever. She was 39 weeks pregnant before under going a cesarean section. They baby weighed in at just 5 lbs. Supposedly C- sections are not uncommon among young mothers. This is because their bodies are not fully developed and their pelvises are not big enough or ready to deliver a baby. Extremely young mothers are at risk of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy induced high blood pressure. Baby born to extremely young mothers are at risk for fetal growth restrictions. These girls are not meant to be pregnant. Their bodies are mature. The girl is part of a tribe in Colombia. The father is still unknown. The problem is even if they knew the father there could be no charges pressed because the tribe functions under their won jurisdiction. Pregnancy can occur as soon as a girl starts ovulating, which is happening at ever younger ages. Because ovulation precedes menstruation, girls can get pregnant before ever having a period. The average menstruation age is about twelve, but the age keeps dropping. It is even lower amongst hispanic girls. 

Flame Retardant In Your Mountain Dew?

Indeed, Mountain Dew contains brominated vegetable oil. This is a flame retardant for plastics and it has been banned in foods from Europe and Japan. Brominated vegetable oil is in about 10% of the sodas sold in the US. According to a study, the dose makes the poison. Even drinking too much water can cause water intoxication. According to this reading, our food has a lot of chemicals, dyes, and preservatives to keep our food looking a certain way. Some additives are useful in preserving food quality but many don’t help beyond the market appearance. While it is easier to call attention to a chemical, the more dangerous issue is the high calorie count of the sodas, said White.

Teen Interview

I chose this for my target audience post. 

The subject was about interviews. Interviews, as we all know, can be a bit nerve wracking. For teenagers it an especially be daunting. The author wrote this article and focused on a teenage audience to help them out. They knew that it is especially hard for a teenager to go into an interview. Many times its their first interview and they have no previous work experience to help back them up. She starts with first talking about interviews in general then bring in the perspectives of teens. She gives examples of what to expect in an interview and what to do to over come those obstacles. 

Microwaving Doesn’t Kill Nutrients?

Despite what you read on the internet, microwaving your food does not kill the nutrients. In fact, they can make them more available to your body. Microwaving is the equivalent to heating something up in a pan. Research says you lose vitamins when you use the microwave. Well, this depends on duration that the food in left in the microwave for. It also says here that heating up veggies are better than boiling them. Cooking vegetables allows for better absorption. Some vegetables, like tomatoes, are better absorbed by the body when cooked. Eating cooked vegetables has its pros and cons, but the bottom line is that it’s important to eat your food in a variety of ways. If you microwave your veggies be sure not to add too much water or over cook them. The way to ensure you get the most nutrients possible is to eat both raw and cooked veggies. 

Homeless Women Veterans

The story starts off with Misha Mclamb, a former Navy aircraft specialist. She was laid off from work last year and lost custody of her daughter. It was just one blow after another. Continue reading through the report and you will find that this is common among many women vets. Mclamb also sturggled from alcohol abuse, used to sleep in her car, then finally moved to a homeless shelter. But even there, things weren’t smooth. Her insulin needles for her diabetes were stolen. The number of homeless female vets has more than doubled from 1,380 to 3,328 between fiscal year 2006 and fiscal year 2010. The resources for homeless vets haven’t kept up. “It can’t get any worse,” McLamb says matter-of-factly, “’cause I’ve already been through hell.” A VA inspector examined veterans housing that receive VA grants and found bedrooms and bathrooms without locks, poorly lit hallways and women housed in facilities approved for men only. Nearly a third of the 26 facilities reviewed didn’t have adequate safety precautions. One female veteran and her 18-month-old son were placed in the same facility as a male veteran who was a registered sex offender (Tucker and Hall). A number of female veterans have suffered from military sexual trauma. The system was “built around a guy soldier,” and female sexual trauma victims require extra care. She’s not going to go to a facility with 46 other men sleeping next door to her. There is a program with the Department of Housing and Urban Development that provides housing for veterans. It is particularly popular among women and their families but it is geared toward the ones who are most in need and is limited to those with issues that need continuing attention. Theres another program that offers grants but doesn’t reimburse providers for housing children. Mclamb never intended on being homeless. She deployed three times since September 11′ to Iraq then came home to care for her child and after, she said, she was sexually assaulted on a Navy base but never reported it. She held severasl jobs but then lost a contracting position in 2011. She was unable to pay rent and couldn’t provide an adequate place to live for her daughter so she lost custody of her. Benefits under the post 9/11 GI Bill provide her with a housing allowance, but her shoddy credit makes it near impossible to find a place of her own. Sometimes she feels she shouldn’t be entitled to special treatment. But, she quickly added, “Then I jump back into the other mode and say, ‘They owe me this because I risked my life for them and now I need somebody else’s help, and I don’t think that that’s a bad thing to do, ask for help.”